Phoenix Pro-Life Future is composed of young adults in their 20s and 30s from various professional fields, including business, medicine, politics, the arts, stay-at-home parents, and more. Phoenix PLF partners with pro-life organizations throughout Arizona to protect pre-born children from abortion and provide its members with opportunites to make a tangible, real-world impact in defending the unborn and serving pregnant mothers in need. 

Are you new to pro-life advocacy? No worries! Phoenix PLF is a great place for young pro-lifers to meet passionate, like-minded friends and learn how to become effective pro-life advocates. Phoenix PLF will get you connected in the local pro-life movement and provide training and resources to inform you on the various areas of pro-life advocacy.

As any seasoned pro-life advocate will happily tell you, the pro-life movement is not just a group--it's a family. A family of loving, selfless, passionate people who are dedicated to serving others. Many pro-lifers make their closest friendships through work in pro-life advocacy, and Phoenix PLF is a great place to connect with others while having fun and providing a helping hand to the most vulnerable in our society.


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